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So, I am officially starting back to school next week…YAY!!!

Yes, you heard that correctly…I am officially starting back to school next week so I will probably be on my blog a lot more because I have a lot of things to share and I hope everyone enjoys what they read.  I have approximately 1.5 to 2 years left on a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs and will be going to Kennesaw State University.  I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to go back to school and to once again get in many heated arguments with Professors as well as other students (LOL…just kidding (well only partially!)).  I truly enjoy Politics and studying Political Theories etc….not so much what has become of our gov’t today (even though that is of much importance) but rather studying Political Beliefs and Theories is what fascinates me.

When I was up in DC in May of this year, I got a chance to play “tourist” which was a lot of fun.  I got to go see the White House, The Vietnam, WWII and Korean Memorials as well as seeing the MLK site and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, which was absolutely incredible.  My passion for politics came back during this trip and it was simply amazing.

So, I will probably be posting more blogs very soon.  I am sorry for the delay, but  sometimes, we simply need to take a rest from the WWW.



When the truth comes out (Part 2)

As some may or may not know, earlier this year my entire family found out what I do for work.  I have tried to explain to them that it isn’t what they think it is (No..I am not a Lady of the Night!) but rather I am a lady who works mostly normal business hours with the occassional Saturday or Sunday thrown in there LOL.  I am very grateful to have an understanding family who is supportive of me and who just wants me to be successful and happy.  It is a little awkward, especially when I get around my father because I do not want him to ask any questions pertaining to my job…you know, its just one of those things a daughter doesn’t like to discuss with her Dad!  But I am thankful and blessed to have the family I do!

The Importance of Boundaries in this Industry

In every industry and in every relationship, boundaries are important.  Whether it be in a marriage, in a non-marital relationship, at work or simply with friends.  There are certain boundaries that should never be crossed.  In my mind they are quite simple to understand and implement but I find it is extremely important in this industry.  Why you may ask?  When building a relationship with a client, it is built on professionalism, discretion, respect and privacy.  If each person does not honor that, they are clearly violating the boundaries of the relationship.  I am writing about this because it is an important topic and issue to understand.

Women in the adult business have personal lives like everyone else.  We are not escorts 24/7.  Just like clients, most of the time we hide our occupation in fear of losing something or someone that is important to us or simply we do not want to be judged based on our line of work.  But what exactly is crossing the boundaries of a client/provider relationship?

#1 To understand that you both have personal lives and neither one of you wants to jeopardize losing your family, etc…

#2 That the “GFE Experience” is simply that…a Girlfriend Experience.  That’s right.  Just an experience, a fantasy, time away from home…not infatuation, obsession and stalking.

#3 Calling or texting the provider at all hours of the night.  Would a client want a provider to do that?

#4 Expecting ladies to email you back within 5 seconds of getting your email.  This cannot happen.  Between our business, our personal lives, families, school, etc…sometimes we cannot get back to you right away.  If a client is with family or friends, we don’t expect them to reply back ASAP.  We understand the importance of family first and mutual respect.  I know that some providers cross the line just as much as some hobbyists can but it is extremely important to have boundaries set in place and to communicate respectfully when those boundaries are crossed.  That way if it happens again, it may be time for that client/provider relationship to end.

I will give an example because I don’t think clients completely understand how difficult it is to juggle what we must juggle.  On average, on twitter I receive about 50 tweets a day and at least 25 direct messages.  In addition, on average I get over 10 emails a day to answer.  I also get texts on my business phone.  I have some men ask me “Why have you not gotten back to me?”  The reason is simple.  I answer each individual tweet, direct message, text, email, phone call, etc….and with working it is almost impossible to answer all of them in one day.  I have a private life just like everyone else does and when I’m not working, I am not sitting at my laptop 24/7 answering emails but neither are clients.  The relationships that ladies build with clients is based on mutual respect (as it should be).  My donation is for time and companionship only.  Being harassed by clients about not answering quick enough is not logical.

I do understand and appreciate the gentlemen that take the time to email me, etc and who do understand the importance of boundaries because I can only treat you as I would like to be treated! 🙂



Update on my tour schedule for 2012

Usually by now I have cities and dates listed for where I will be touring.  As for right now, the only city I have listed is Las Vegas, NV March 20th through March 24th.  I apologize that I haven’t gotten dates put up on my calendar yet.  I hate to make promises that I can’t keep so for right now, my calendar wont be filled in.  I will however be in Washington DC in April (dates to come shortly).  Sometimes things happen in life and for right now I am having to stay in my base city of Atlanta, GA.  I may take several very short trips to other cities and I will let you know a week or two in advance.

I’d also like to apologize if there is any delay from me in responding to emails, texts, tweets, phone calls, etc.  I pride myself on being very prompt however I’ve had a few things come up that don’t always allow me to answer emails right away.  I am working on hiring an assistant so there is no delay in responding to any emails.  I will let everyone know once my touring resumes full time.  For right now I am based in Atlanta but can fly to your city for a dinner date or an overnight date if you desire.  Please inquire with me if you are interested.  I will keep you updated as I know things.


Gemma DeRossi